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The Code For Progress "ideal" applicant

We know that applicants bring different strengths to our program, so we don’t expect everyone to embody all of these characteristics. But there are a few things that we think make people a good fit for our program. The ideal Code For Progress applicant:

  • Has encountered barriers to accessing education, jobs, and resources assoicated with learing programming fundamentals
  • Likes to solve problems with creative solutions
  • Good at reading a situation and identifying specific human needs
  • Has patience and perseverance when working through obstacles
  • Looks for ways to teach and mentor others
  • Knows when and is willing to ask for help
  • Likes to figure out how things work
  • Has thought of ways technology can help to address a need in their community or organization
  • Is comfortable with using and navigating through computer systems. No previous coding knowledge is required
  • Has demonstrated a commitment to addressing an issue affecting a community to which they are connected

Fellows, Dago Bailon and Selina Musuta coding together.

Dago Bailon and Selina Musuta, 2014 fellows, meet for a pair-programming session.

How to apply

Code for Progress conducts two separate Fellowships. Each program will have its own application process:

  • 2016 Back-End Fellowship
    • Program Period: June 2016 to May 2017
    • Application Open Date: May 10th

  • 2016 Front-End Fellowship
    • Program Period: August 2016 to July 2017
    • Application Open Date: June 1st

Prospective students will have 4 weeks to complete the application form, in which they will be asked to obtain two personal or professional references. Applications are not completed until the recommendations have been submitted.

Following the application deadline, selected candidates for the Fellowship will be invited to participate in a 4-week Programming Fundamentals class. Remote candidates will engage via our online plattform. The Programming Fundamentals course will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays evenings, and will be repeated on Saturdays. Candidates can expect a time commitment of 8 hours during this period.

Selection will be based on demographics, aptitudes towards learning to code and social justice and community work background.

This 4-week course is part of the selection process for the Fellowship. From this group, participants in the 5-month Fellowship will be selected based on:

  • Class participation
  • Assignments
  • Group participation and collaboration
  • Commitment to the program

Students that are not selected for the fellowship will be invited to participate in the activities organized by Code For progress, and will be encouraged to continue their learning process through our Community Learning Series.